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Covid-19 information

This is how we work with Covid-19
We stay open as usual, but with extra attention to the safety of guests and employees. Of course, we monitor the development of the situation around covid-19 and follow the instructions and recommendations we receive from the responsible authorities. Our highest priority is the safety of guests and staff. To ensure a safe environment for both guests and staff, we work continuously to strengthen our cleaning routines, train our staff and adapt the plant to the new situation. Cleaning kills the virus and good hand hygiene helps prevent any spread of infection, so you should feel safe in the service house, restaurant and if you booked a holiday home.
You as a guest should feel safe and well cared for when you visit or live with us!
Cottages and rooms
For those living in a cottage or room, this means that you have your own living space. We clean all cottages and rooms between each guest. In room accommodation where you share bathrooms and kitchens, we have introduced extra cleaning routines and thoroughly disinfected all surfaces. As far as possible, we try to leave the cabins and rooms empty between the bookings.
At our campsites for tents, caravans and camper vans, we have strict fire rules that allow each vehicle to have plenty of space between each other so that you can feel secluded and have complete control over your own accommodation, just like at home. Traveling by caravan or camper is a great advantage that you have the opportunity to control your own accommodation and your local environment.
Service buildings
Our service buildings are cleaned routinely and we also disinfect specific surfaces such as handles, flush buttons and so on. We encourage everyone who visits us, both guests and staff, to be careful about washing their hands frequently. There is hand soap and hand spirit in all our service buildings.
We are extremely careful with our hand hygiene. The staff stays at home in case of a cold with sore throat, fever or cough, even with more mild symptoms. We keep the recommended distance from colleagues and guests.
How do we handle the ban on gathering 50 people?
More than 50 people may stay at our campsites at the same time during peak season. But everyone lives in their own accommodation in their own camper / caravan or in a cabin with their own kitchen and bathroom. In our service buildings, not many people will be staying at the same time.

We take this very seriously and the safety of our guests and staff is the most important thing for us.

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